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What are the advantages of the Klearway™ oral appliances?

Oral appliances are relatively easy to insert and remove from the mouth, need no special cleansers other than your own toothbrush and toothpaste and fit into a convenient carrying case. The KlearwayTM appliance weighs only a couple of ounces, and its size make it convenient for travel. The KlearwayTM appliance offers several distinct advantages over other appliances currently available on the market. It works by keeping the lower jaw forward and the upper and lower jaw closed together during sleep. Holding the lower jaw forward brings the base of the tongue forward thus opening the airway and preventing apnea episodes and reducing or eliminating snoring at the same time. KlearwayTM provides full occlusal coverage of both arches and is very carefully designed not to encroach on the tongue space. The KlearwayTM appliance advances the lower jaw in ¼ mm increments covering a range of 11 mm, although most people find that symptoms are eliminated before that point. Advancing the jaw in smaller movements’ enables the patient to adjust to the new position with more comfort and the adjustments are done yourself with the guidance of your Dentist or Orthodontist. The KlearwayTM appliance is made with a thermoactive acrylic which softens in hot water for ease in insertion and hardens as it cools in the mouth for additional retention. Most people find it takes no more than a few weeks to become completely comfortable wearing the appliance. The total cost of therapy is comparable to that of other treatments for snoring and OSA such as nasal CPAP. Treatment with an oral appliance is non-invasive (it does not involve surgery).

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