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This section has been developed in conjunction with the Vancouver Hospital Sleep Disorders Clinic and Dr. Alan A. Lowe of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of British Columbia. For any other questions, please contact our Clinical Trials Coordinator.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Why do we snore?
How is snoring related to obstructive sleep apnea?
How do I know if I have Sleep Apnea?
What is an oral appliance?
What are the advantages of the Klearway™ oral appliances?
How long must I wear the appliance?
Do I have to wear the appliance all night?
What are side effects associated with the use of an oral appliance?
How do I start oral appliances therapy?
What will the dentist do?
What if I have a bridge or denture?
Payment for oral appliances?
How do they work?
How much do they cost?